Loading Textiles

Five Simple Steps

  1. Unlock the unit with the key and pull out one of the four racks.
  2. Reset all of the trays in the rack by lifting up the bottom tray to the top tray until each tray clicks into place.
  3. Load the items into the trays by placing one item in each tray and push the rack back into place. Repeat the process for the remaining three racks.
  4. When finished, close the doors, which will automatically lock upon closure.
  5. Select “Confirm Restock to Full” on the touch screen which will communicate to the software that the dispensing unit is fully stocked.

Stocking the ScrubTrak scrub vending machine is as simple as stacking the items to be dispensed. For convenience, there is a secure cabinet above the return unit to store additional items or cleaning supplies.


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