Consumer Products

Consumer products companies have traditionally looked to innovate as a source of growth and are continually developing newer and bolder strategies to differentiate themselves and compete in this hyper-competitive marketplace.  Many consumer products companies are taking an agile and innovative approach to expand their reach and drive brand growth.

This is where automated retail vending machines come in. Offer customers a unique, premium shopping experience with interactive, high-tech, self-service micro stores. The benefits of a compact, vertical showroom (reduced land/lease cost) and automated product dispensing (the elimination of wages) translates into higher margins.  As a result, self-serve automation for use in retail, restaurants and foodservice is growing more popular by the day and are showing up in some unexpected places.

Cosmetic products

IDS’ Hardware has Been Perfected with Over 90 Years of Experience

Say Goodbye to Inventory Tracking Problems

IDS’ Supply Dispensers provide secure, easy access 24/7 to the critical supplies your employees need.

IDS’ Supply Lockers allow dispensing and check-in/check-out of fragile or bulky items.

IDS’ Textile Management Systems allow for simple check-in/check-out of scrubs, uniforms or textiles.


Inventory control systems for today’s workplaces

Inventory control systems are our specialty. Regardless of industry, our solutions are designed to meet the needs of your workforce, ensure employee satisfaction and most ultimately, improve the bottom line. Our Intelligent vending machines can help track inventory without being physically at the machine with real time software. Simply login to the program and see what your inventory needs are for each machine. Inventory control systems with smart vending machines are a huge benefit to any business.

Pharmaceuticals + EMS

Take control of your medical supplies inventory while improving the level of care provided to your clients.

Office + Tech

Provide secure, self-service access to office supplies and tech devices and accessories – anytime!

Tool + Manufacturing

Maximize the efficiency of your supply operations to reduce inventory costs by up to 30%.

Scrubs + Uniforms + Linens

Reduce textile replacement costs by up to 75% while also decreasing laundering costs.

health + fitness

Provides customers with instant, self-service access to workout supplies and fitness-friendly snacks and beverages.

BOPIS + Click and Collect

IDS’ automated micro-stores are as easy to use as scanning your barcode and retrieving your product.